Aussie Chutes

Developed specifically for the safe, easy transfer of tyres stored on a mezzanine level to the workshop floor, Aussie Chutes can be professionally installed by A. Lendon Constructions.
Each custom-built chute consists of two pieces. One piece is bolted to the shop floor and reaches to the mezzanine. The second piece is bolted to the mezzanine and connected to the first piece. Tyres are fed into the chute through self-closing doors and dropped from the mezzanine to the workshop floor.
Aussie Chute eliminates the serious OH & S issues arising from uncontrolled dropping or throwing of tyres from an upper storage area.
Aussie Chute is custom-built for each location and can be retrofitted to most sites.
A. Lendon Constructions can install an Aussie Chute anywhere throughout the East Coast of Australia.